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05/Feb/2019 Newest Miner Version Released! done_all

Hi All.
Newest miner version has been released. In this new version you will find:
-- Improved miner panel with some additional statistics --
-- Miner Shop to progress Much Faster --
-- Miner Profile, Miner pension and Miner company --

This new miner version is a big step towards new mining level. This new miner version opens doors for Miner model becoming even more profitable, more interesting and exciting game.
With this new miner shop, users who want much faster progress will be able to rent all our members cpu mining power and watch their miner just fly throw its levels. It is now possible to rent all our members cpu mining power for 24 hours period. Once rented, every time, one of members who collect their mining power and adds to their miner mined pending credits, exactly same amount of credits will be added to your miner level credits. This is not costing you your mine reserves, all credits are directly added to your miner level credits. Try it, just rent mining power for 24 hours, navigate to your miner page, and keep refreshing it, you will notice your miner level percentage will be constantly updated and will be constantly growing, once enough for next level, it will be upgraded and you will keep growing until your 24h Super Miner Helper stays active.
You will be able to see stats at the miner shop, Super Miner Helper page. This is one of the cheapest ways to progress your miner to higher level.
-- Miner shop contains tools booster option, there you can increase your tools added points per collection of up to 5 times.
-- If you don't want to wait and want to get to high miner level super fast, now you have an option in Miner Shop, to just upgrade your miner level to the next, you can keep on upgrading up to a maximum of level 32. We have added this limit to protect new members from maybe expecting too much from miner, maybe thinking that miner is get rich fast module or similar... Which is not. It is just a game where you can make some spare cash in a fun way.

-- One of the most important addition to Miner module is Miner pension and related to that miner company.
Miner company is not 100% ready, but it will be soon which will be super exciting addition and this will open doors for many members to make much more cash from our miner game.
Miner pension first:
All miners will have to retire at level 40 but really this is not the end, it is rather beginning of even greater things! Every miner is guaranteed a daily pension, all miners are working so everyone should be able to receive a pension from us. At the moment we set a standard pension to 500 satoshis daily. More important, and we would strongly suggest all our miners to activate it, is pension reserve funds. Pension reserve funds are funds which will be added to your daily pension and your pension will be much higher then a just standard one. If you will have some reserved pension collected, 0.5% of that amount will be added to your standard pension and combined sum will be paid for you on daily basis. You can turn on or off your pension reserves in miner profile page. The sooner you will start collecting it, the more you will receive once your miner will retire.
Retirement is a fantastic way, because now your miner will have time to take on additional business or if not in the mood, just start from first level miner and grow your way up again to level 40. In any case you chose, you will already be getting a pension daily. Your pension is yours what ever you chose.
If you chose to open company and hire workers:
If you'll do this, you will have an option to hire one worker who will be bringing you constant profit, or open a company and hire more workers, this way you will be making BIG profit.
Workers will be our real users and you will be able to hire our users to work for you. Please note that only miner level 20 and above will be possible to hire.
On the other side, you as a member will be able to make even more from your miner if you will be hired. Please note that you will need a miner of level 20 or higher in order to be hired!
These features will be more explained when we will fully implement them, but it should not be too long from now...

This update is a big peace of code and even if we tested everything, there might be some glitches or small bugs in the system, so if you will notice some, please do inform us.

We will continue on our new miner updates soon, but now, we will be fixing few bugs in system and we will start working on a new addition. We will start working on rented referrals system, but as from you probably already noticed, we like to do things differently. This rented referrals system will be no exception.
We will not disclose much at the moment, but we can say that in this system, not only member who is renting referral will earn, but even the rented member will earn too. It will be beneficial for both users as both of them will be making profit, plus this way member who will be rented will be more motivated to be active and at the same time, bring more profit for the user who is renting him.
In short, please give us some time to make this and we are almost guaranteed everyone will like this new feature.

Thank you all for being with us.
Best regards from all Bits-Pays team.

26/Jan/2019 Dividends! Updates! Promotion! done_all

First company dividends has been distributed successfully!
Distribution went throw smooth and better then we expected. We did not had to turn maintenance on or experienced any issues at all. But this is from what we can see only, If you have any issues, please do let us know, we will take a look and will sort if there is some errors in your case. Again, there should not be any problems as from what we can see, but please do re-check your individual stats your self.
Total Dividends distributed - 1,219,159 Satoshis
Total shares hold by users at that time - 565,030
Dividends per share approximately - 2.157 satoshis.
Please note that your dividends where rounded to full number, so if your personal dividends would be 1003.2 satoshis, actual dividends you received would be 1003 satoshis, this is just an example and your dividends are different taking in calculations your actually held shares number at that time.
-- As we mentioned, we guaranteed dividends distribution for first three month a minimum of one distribution per month, but it could be more often if more dividends will be collected. We basically need to collect more or equal satoshis to company shares hold by users in order to distribute dividends.
Probably we will be having guaranteed dividends even further, but we think that there will not be a need for that as when more and more members will register, more and more fees will be collected and distribution should happen naturally.
Dividends where added to account balances and you can withdraw them to your wallet or invest for further account growth, up to you.
Next guaranteed dividends at the end of February, maybe sooner, all depends on our members.
Congrats to all shares holders.

-- Other Updates --
We are working on new features all the time...
There are ways already to speed up your miner progress, but we have added one more way to gain Miner credits even more. Miner credits are used to upgrade your miner level to the next level.
From now on, buying Flash Ads will give users miner credits too. How much you can see in flashads advertising page, fill all details, select views number and ad timer. At the top in one of the buttons you will be noticed of how much miner credits you would receive in you would complete your FlashAds purchase. You are winning much more now by advertising your products with us, not only you get dedicated visitors for your advert, but you grow your miner at the same time and once your miner is level 10 or higher, you starting to receive free satoshis 24/7 ( that is if you don't forget to feed your miner )
-- More updates will be pushed soon...

-- Premium Discount of 10% --
As we are already one month old program, we wanted to that all our members for being with us and believing that Bits-Pays will prosper.
As a Thank You for this we want to give you a 10% discount on our Premium memberships purchases!
Premium membership already has strong benefits, but it will be constantly filled with more and more advantages, it is really worth having your account at a Premium level, it is cheap compared to what you get and it will get more and more with short time.
Promotion will expire at 31 January 2019 !

-- We still hold 1,000 Referrals Challenge, but it is just few days left for it, so if you still want free Premium membership, you need to hurry up and get 700 direct referrals for free Premium or 1,000 direct referrals for additional 5 miner level, Miner will be added to your existing miner level and there are no limits. For example if your miner level is at 12 and if you get 1,000 direct referrals and win 5 miner levels, final miner level will be 17 and that is already a lot! So don't wait and push your self just a little more because it is really worth it! 1,000 Referral Challenge will finish just few minutes before February 1 this year. Just few days left.

Think this is all for now.
We hope to implement more features very soon...

Thank you all and have a great day.
Best regards.
Bits-Pays Team.

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