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19/Apr/2019 Revenue Packs Introduction done_all

Hi all.
First thing first --
Rev Packs has been introduced to system. Many investors where not happy with the new achievement points system, so we have created Revenue Packs investment module. Here you have three options and can earn up to 140% back from your investment.
A little bit of history...
One thing is that InFrame ads where so much more popular then we expected and even if we where extremely happy with that, it has created a big worry for us. Two things - Actually, fact that you can earn up to 120% from inframe ads is actually 120% to advertiser and another 100% to our members, so in all it is up to 220% return from us to users and advertisers, while this is manageable and we are okay with that, alongside it had created a huge magnet for cheaters too, this was our biggest problem. With this new, achievement points, system in place we feel much more secured and another thing with that is that now, we make more income which we then can give away for our advertisers and users, even if there was decrease in inframe ads views, we had even bigger income from external advertise networks and much more members are now using our miner game, which is very profitable and stable module where we make most income, and at the same time, we had much more advertisers advertising with noFrame and Flash ads, that it self it income for us. Basically even if many members disagree with achievement points system, it is here to stay as we feel much more secured and confident now. This will benefit everyone who will stay with us for long time. Skeptics who say that we made mistake and we done it worse are in fact wrong, as we said from the first day, who want fast get rich program, should look for something else, we are nothing like that. We are a business, stable and trusted to build long term, stable income. We have responsibilities for people who trusted us and so we will do anything possible to be here today and tomorrow, no mater what year that tomorrow is!
Coming back to Rev Packs feature...
There are three plans available in all. 110%, 120% and 140% Packs. The very important thing is that you can have only one active plan of each, so you can have one active 110% pack, one 120% packs and one 140% pack at a time, You will be able to purchase new one when existing expires.
When buying a Rev Pack you will invest what ever amount of funds you decide in minimum and maximum investment frames and you will receive returns in relation to that amount you invested.
Those plans are not get rich fast schema. 110% Pack will give you 1% of your investment every 24 hours, 120% pack will return one payment of 120% after 60 days in relation to amount you invested, 140% Pack will credit your main balance of 2% every 24 hours. All accruals will be credited when you visit rev packs page. There is no need to visit it every 24 hours or so, just when you visit rev packs page, system will check if you have active packs, if it is already time to credit your returns and if it is, calculate how much and add it to your main balance.
Everything is very simple and easy, just very important that you can have only 1 pack of each at the time.

Few other things --
We have plenty of ideas and new modules build at the same time, but recently new program has open and it had implemented one of modules that is very similar that we had planned for a very long time already and just to not be seen as if we would be copying someone we would like to list few of features we are already working and planning to implement so if someone else will come up with similar idea, no one would think that we are copying someone else.
-- Bitcoin and other coins prediction game, simple explanation: members will have a week to bet on a bitcoin prediction will it go down or up after curtain period of time, winning side will take the other side bets minus small fee for our share dividends.
-- Simple lottery tickets system. Users will be able to purchase lottery tickets and the winner takes it all or there will be few places ( we have not decided that yet ).
-- Couple more investment plans --
--Investing in miner game. Users could invest in some revenue plan and when every time someone purchases anything related to miner game, those users with active packs would receive some percentage from every purchase and would continue so til full profit is returned.
-- New investment option where user could invest in a plan with a possibility to take back that investment at any time for a fee, or earn from small percentage back each day, that return would grow every day from very small to bigger and bigger till all return would be paid.
-- New super leaders investment option, this will be big and very interesting one. We will start collecting data of each member who earns from absolutely everything on bits-pays, then there would top 3 earners that week or month. Investors could chose and invest in one of them, the better user position, the more member should invest. The highest earner would get some percentage of all investments to hist balance and each time he would earn, all investors who are following him and have invested, would receive curtain amount of what that leader earned. That would be very interesting to see how top earners would try to get in this top 3 earners and investors would get good income from them for some time. A lot is still to be decided and finalized...
-- New daily bonus module. Nothing much about that yet, it will just give you different prizes, like even in the future, user will be able to collect enough parts and construct its own return packs for free and other stuff.
-- Something like grid ads like many PTC webs have, just we will make it more interesting.

-- There are a lot more features that we have already on paper but they are in a very little description and only start design stages so it is too early to talk about.

-- New miner version will too be released, but it is taking a long time to build it, so just to not keep all waiting, we will be implementing other features and modules before that. New miner version will be big, that's why it is taking much longer time then previous versions.

--For those who did not read our updates constantly, just want to remind about dividends, that we are now paying without notice once we reach about a 1,000,000 in collected dividends, just in case if someone is thinking that last dividends where much lower then the one before. For more info please read previous announcements, you will learn a lot of things.

We hope that you are still having a good time with our program and don't let pessimists bring you down, make your own decision on your own experience.
Hope I did not forget to mention something...
Have a great time, we will be back with more updates not very long from now.
Best regards to all.
Bits-Pays Team.

06/Apr/2019 New Miner Boost Update done_all

Hi all.
Couple of things we would like to talk today...
-- Direct referral contest --
Thanks all participants for participating in our previous direct referral contest, we where surprised by the results ;)
Great performance guys!
Winners has been checked and awarded with prizes according to their place.
Next contest is launching on 8th Of April and will be ran for one month until 8th of May. This contest is a little bit special for us. Even if three month online does not seems to be that much for most, but it is our first small achievement we where waiting for, it is a one quarter of a year of our existence on the internet, this is why we are giving a bit special prizes for our next contest like free ads credits, company shares, miner levels, miner energy and fully boosted miner maps, plus about three times bigger money rewards. Please note that there are additional requirements for winners in regards to get additional rewards, like minimum referrals referred during contest. But these requirements are only for additional rewards, if you get less then required you will still win money prize as it is written in contest page. So for example if you win first place in our next contest but will not get 2,000 DR, you will still will get a 3,000,000 satoshis reward, but unfortunately not all additional rewards like miner levels or company shares and others.
Please note that this is a special rewards and contest after this will have standard prizes as before. Probably next special contest will be at our semiannual celebration (6 month online) which will be in less then 3 month from now.
So have a go, try to win some prizes in this special contest or just participate and have fun plus some profit from your referred direct referrals constantly.
-- New Updated Miner Booster --
We have completely rebuild our miner Boost module. The reason being that a lot of members do hate mining with their devices, plus there is one very big fallback - it is very, very low earnings for admins, as an example, using coinhive in about two month we managed to earn only about $20 and so we decided to change it completely. Some will like it, some will not...
Just a note that we will be adjusting users miner credits earnings in the Boost module once we have more data regarding it. We mean increasing them slightly in future, by how much we still have to decide.
Now how it works: First don't forget to turn it on in miner settings or just in Boost page, once it is turned On and you visit Boost page, it will run automatically. Boost is using your miner energy points. One point per run that is per 5 min. Earnings depends on miner level and energy amount, plus if you have some Miner Rig it will mine much more. To get it working, just open page and leave it working, timer will run and every 5 minutes some amount of credits will be added to Boost balance, once you have enough credits, you will be asked to collect them in order for your miner helper to continue running, again, you need energy for it to be running.
This miner helper does not uses any of your own device CPU or GPU, it is running on server side and is not effecting your device, you just need to keep the window open.
Additionally you can purchase mining rigs and mine much more credits each 5 min. Please note that credits will get added to your miner pending balance only when you have enough collected in your miner helper ( Boost ) balance and click collect credits.
Try it. It is one more free way to help your Miner to grow faster.
-- Other info --
Just wanted to inform who ever is a rented referral that rankings will not effect you. This is for before rented users only. Rankings will still be recorded just so we would know that system is really working and there are no bugs, but after three weeks we will set all rankings below 4 to 0 and so your ranking will not get effected in a bad way who where not able to reach minimum target in earnings for your employer, if you have earned for your employer and received good rankings, we will keep them for you. Basically no one will be effected in a bad way.
We have some small bugs still to fix and hope they will be very soon, but they will not effect you much.

We are finishing few other updates and as always we will be implementing them soon.
More ways for members to increase their earnings will be soon introduced too.

For the time, thank you all for sticking with us, even if sometimes we do not so popular decisions. Hope you understand that we do them for all of us, members and management.

More updates soon.
Best regards from all Bits-Pays Team.

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