Website monitoring related questions
  • What is Website Monitoring?
    It is nothing else how just earning program checker. We constantly check other earning programs and inform our visitors which programs are paying or are trusted. By following monitor you always are in control of independent information you get.
  • Why you should use us?
    Monitoring is essential for earning program users. It shows which programs are paying, shows what other members think of a particular program and so on. By following monitor you will always know where is worth to register or if you have few dollars to spend, it will show you where to spend them best.
  • What is Program Ratings?
    Every visitor that visits program monitored on our website can rate program from 1 to 10 once per day. this helps a lot for other visitors to see how big or small rant program have got from its members. This helps determinate the real rank of program. Ratings are reset each month so there would be equal chances for all programs. All visitors can rank each program only once per day.
  • What is Program Voting?
    Our visitors and members can vote for program monitored on our monitor. The more votes program have, means members are satisfied with the program and are willing to give his/her vote for program. Votes are reset each month so there would be equal chances for all programs. All visitors can vote for each program only once per day.
  • Websites Administrators Questions
  • Why Admins Should Use Us?
    For program Admins our monitor gives endless advantages against those who does not use us! We created platform that brings results to programs instead of just using your visitors. We implemented Voting system, Ranking module, we are user friendly platform, we strive to give everyone best experience! This is not all, oh no, we offer much more: You as an program Admin, have so much control. You will be able to control banner price that is displayed on your monitor page and earn additional income from that. You can earn from your page visitors by mining, just set Miner, drive traffic and earnings are yours! Set different contest for our users and get promoted by them even more. Spreading word about your program is extremely easy and effective with us!
  • How to get my website on here?
    Simple. Just create new account. Add your own website. And wait for a support ticket in your own program from us. This way we can confirm program belongs to its real admin. Once approved, set pricing and miner. Thats it, you are in the business.
  • How much of banner sale I'll earn?
    We will keep just 5% fee from your sale. The rest is yours. Once the sale gone throw, you will see funds reflecting in your account balance. You can then use them or windrow to your wallet.
  • How to set miner?
    Miner will mine coins when ever someone will visit your programs page. You can set your miners difficulty at your websites settings in account. Please be advised that we limiting mining power to protect our website visitors. But you can display your programs monitoring page as many times as you like. If you like to mine more, just place our monitor with your program page in your own website few times so your members would visit it few times and you will increase your earnings. 90% of what is mined we will credit to your account.
  • Why mined coins are pending?
    We use third party miner and so we need to windrow our earnings in order to process it for all members. As you mine, you receive coins, once we receive payout, we distribute funds between our all coin holders. The more coins you have, the bigger share you'll get from us.
  • Can I use my balance on monitor?
    Yes you can. As you are earning from our program by just promoting your own program you are constantly earning from us. Once you accumulated some amount you can windrow it to your wallet or even better use it to promote your website even more. Each of our members earn while promoting other programs, but they are free to chose any program they want. Thats where you can step in and create promotion or contest for our members to promote Your program instead. Use your balance to set prizes and expect big results. You can set contest at your account. Please check left side menu.
    Members Registration Questions
  • What is This?
    If not taking in mind Monitoring services We are one of a kind earning platform for all users around the world! Join us to earn from your various activities like viewing websites, promoting other programs, participating in contests. Growing your own personal Miner and earning from him and so on and on. There is plenty of ways to benefit from us your are started or expert, investor of a free member, everyone will find their second home with us.
  • What is Pin Number?
    Pin number is very important. Please note that it is not possible to change it or find it anywhere in your account info, only management know it, so be sure to save it somewhere safe. We mainly need your pin to verify your account in case of hack or if you will not be able to recover your account in any other way.
  • Should I enter my real details?
    It is important we have your real details for security reasons. You may be asked to prove who you are. This is very unlikely to happen, but we would advise our members to use real information. Your personal data is always safe and will never be sold or given to third parties.
  • Confirmation mail...?
    We require all new members to verify their emails after registration. In case you did not received your confirmation letter 30 minutes after registration, please use resend option. Please dont forget to check your spam folder as it sometimes lands there.
  • Program users related questions
  • What is InFrame Ads?
    InFrame ads is an advertisement delivered by advertiser. View Advertisements and earn various rewards in cash. Earning amount can vary from 1 Satoshi to 100,000 Satoshi depending on advertiser. Members with upgraded account status earn more from each advertisement.
  • What is referral?
    Referral is a member just like you who have register after viewing our website delivered to him by one of our already registered members. You can too invite others to join our program and receive benefits from your own referrals. Every time your own referral view advertisement, you receive a peace of their earnings. More referrals means more money for you! Upgraded members receive more benefits from their referrals, like bigger share from their viewed ads, commissions from their purchases up to 3 levels deep!
  • What is My Miner?
    This is your own miner which you have to take care of. Like feed every day, upgrade his personal abilities, when you are ready - buy additional equipment. For that he will mine you coins. After your miner is big enough he will start mining Satoshis straight to your main balance. Take a good care of your miner, don't forget to feed him, you will be rewarded gratefully for your efforts. And the best part it is free for everyone to start!
  • What about windrows to my wallet?
    Yes, there is nothing more pleasant then receiving reward to your wallet for the activities you do. Once you reach 20,000 Satoshi you can request cashout. Our Cashout system is a bit different from what you have seen yet. Once at the windrow page, chose how much fees you prepared to sacrifice in order to receive your funds to your wallet. More fees you set, the faster payment will arrive you your wallet. You can set 0% fee and will have to wait up to 11 days for your funds, or set 10% fee and receive your funds in 24 hours. After setting fees, set how much of your existing balance you want to windrow and submit your request. Please don't ask us to speed up your process. All depend on your self, more fees you pay, faster your payment will be credited. Simple.
  • Can I deposit funds to spend here?
    Yes you can deposit funds to your purchase balance and spend on the things you want. We charge only 2% fee for depositing funds. We accept bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin at the moment. We will be adding more wallets soon.
  • What is company shares?
    Company Shares are wonderful tool for traders and investors to build a healthy profit from our program. Investors can buy shares and collect weekly dividends from all profits our company make, like percentage from deposits, fees, purchases, even trades, advertisers and so on, basically from all cash activities performed on website.
    Traders can make nice peace of cash from their company shares trades with other members, basically buying low and selling high is the key. Just follow our market, make right decisions and be in profit. Please note that 1% fees are deducted from seller, be sure to include this in your calculations. There are 1,000,000 shares released. 500,001 shares are owned by management and other 499,999 shares are there for sale. Members can buy from system it self or from members. Shares owners can sell shares back to system or trade to other members if they decide to cashout.
  • What is daily bonus?
    As you participate in project life, you gain achievements. More achievements is better. Everyday we give daily bonus reward to our members. You just need to login each day to collect it. More achievements you achieve, bigger bonus will be assigned to you every day. You can see your achievements in Daily Bonus page.

More detailed information about users account USE

    Various member questions
  • Do you have upgraded memberships?
    Yes, at the moment we have only one higher level membership which can members purchase. Premium membership has following benefits:
    10% higher value InFrame Ads 3 level referral purchases (5%, 1%, 1%) Referral Upgrade commissions of 10% Higher ref ads views commissions - 20% Special higher rate for Daily Bonus
  • Whats minimum windrow?
    Minimum amount you have to hold in your main balance in order to request windrow is 20,000 satoshi. Please note that fee can be deducted if you chose sow. Please check windrow setting carefully before submitting form.
  • Do I need deposit in order to cashout?
    NO! Absolutely no deposit or fresh money investment is requested from no members. This is a free program and anyone with minimum or higher windrow amount can request their funds. We are a free program. Please note that there are paid services but those services are an option and are not required to obtain.
  • Can My friend register?
    Yes, as long as he/she have their own computer or device and are registering from an unique IP address. We allow only one account per person, device or ip address. Please note any attempts to create more then one account will result in permanent all of your accounts termination!
  • Why Can Not Set My Miner?
    First time when you get to miner page, you need to find a location for your miner to mine coins. Without locations you can not start working! First find good and resolsfull mining location, then you can start managing your miner. Please note that every time resources runs out, you will need to find new map to start mining again.
  • Why my miner is mining so little coins?
    A lot depends on the location you are mining your coins, please check in miner stats to see what is your location productivity. When looking for new location you are given choice to keep discovered location or look again. If you are not happy with the location you have found, you can start looking for new location. Keep looking till you will find productive location for your miner to mine coins.
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