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22/May/2019 Sister Project Biterdz Launched! done_all

Hello everyone.
We have just launched our new project.
We are almost five month old program, paying every honest member.
Our alexa rank by the time we write this announcement is: 10,868 and we have reached that in less then 5 month, a big thank you all for that.
We have paid more then 135 millions satoshis, this is not a small amount at all.
We present to you!
This is very similar to our bits-pays, just without miner game and with some adjustments.
We really hope many of you will like this product and will join us there, invite everyone, entry is free as always.
We have worked for some time on it already and there should not be any bugs, but if you will notice some, please do contact Biterdz support and notify about that.
We have couple promotions running on Biterdz, be sure to check them out.
In addition: you will be able to purchase monthly premium membership, this should be great news for all of you as this was one of most requested change from our users. Still Bits-Pays is only one year premiums, but you can find monthly membership on

Please make sure to look around Biterdz to familiarize your self with situation there as always most of answers can already be found at the F.A.Q. page make sure to check there.

You will find couple of unique features there, we have decided to implement them on Biterdz first, then if they work as we expected, we might add them to Bits-Pays too. We will decide that in future.

Again, we hope you will join us there as this is one more place for you to earn for free from the company you can trust.

Thank you all for your continues support you are showing.
Best regards from all Bits-Pays and Biterdz Team.
We will have more great updates soon...

15/May/2019 Updates and Important Information done_all

Hello all.
This is small update, but Please read everything.
You probably have already noticed that we are sending payments two times a day, this is regarding our wallet working hours --
We are using online bitcoin wallet "SpectroCoin" to send mass payments to our users, we where sending payments 3 times per day and everything was okay regarding that, but recently they have started to check our outgoing transactions due to money laundering, as we have big bitcoin deposits coming in and them a bunch of small ones going out and they have started to check those transactions. Their working hours are from about 04:00 am to 14:00 pm our server time, so we need to adapt to their system for now and send pending payments in this time frame. Simply there is no point sending payments when they are not working as those transactions will get on hold till the next day when they will start their work anyway, and it will just bring confusion as in our web their payments will be market as paid and we will get those already send, but all those transactions will get hold in our wallet anyway. So instead of sending 3 payments per day, we will be sending 2 bulk payments per day. This will not change much, we will still be in our time frames, we are noticing you so you would not get surprised or concerned regarding this. Just to note that if you request your payment to be made in evening, it will probably be sent next mourning, again, there is no pojnt for us to send it in evening, mark it as paid and then our wallet provider will not release it till next mourning anyway.
We are looking for new wallet, trusted and with mass payments option, but until then we will have to send only two payment bulks per day. Again, this will not effect you that much, the worst thing you might need to wait for your payment few hours more then before if you usually ordering it to be sent on evening.
-- Now important mater --
Most of you know us well, you know that we do what we say and that we are always honest. We have security in place to prevent cheaters from stealing funds from system, like any other program we do try to protect our self. We are suspending cheaters from time to time when we catch them, and most of them understand it and understand that they did it wrong, while others just can not calm down.
Recently we have suspended one user, he was paid, but the transaction was still pending in the blockchain, everything normal, but instead of just waiting few hours, he just started to scream about how we tricked him and that we are the worsts of the worst, we will not be repeating his exact words as it can damage our SEO but you can view on our thread in bitcointalk forum and you will see by your self. Even if other users tried to calm him down and explain that he got payment and it is already pending in blockchain, he did not stop and kept on going. We had to suspend this user as it is direct violation of our terms, he was directly trying to damage our reputation and was spreading lies. The thing is that he keeps on going, some of our users trying to prove he is wrong, we tried it and we explained that he violated terms, be he just keeps on going. He is basically trying to bring our program down. By doing this he is not only damaging our project, be your project too. You as a member probably already received payments from us and you know we have no problem paying, we pay few millions satoshis for up to 100 different members a day, we always did and we will always do.
-- We need you help with this one --
You guys know us, you know that we are honest and trusted company, many of you already got plenty payments from us and always on time. So we ask you for a big favor to post your payment proofs on our topic in the bitcointalk forum here:
If you could post a good word about us, it would really help us a lot, it would show others who are viewing it that there is members who do believe in us, who work honestly with us and everyone is getting paid without issues.
Please understand, that we all need to protect whats ours, and this project is not only managements, it is all of ours, without you we would not be here, without us there would not be bits-pays. Everyone here is working together, its not only you or only us it is all of us.
Bits-Pays has proven to be the highest free earning program, just think where else you can earn as you earn here with us. We need to keep it that way, but the more fake dirt is on us, the lest advertisers will be there to advertise on our program and at the same time less ads for users to click. Really guys, bits-pays needs your support. We where never forcing anyone to post your payment proofs or anything like that, but we really ask you this time to support us and spread a good work about bits-pays.
Don't do it for us, do it for your self.
Again, our forum topic on bitcointalk forum, please leave a payment proof or just a good work about us here:

Best regards for all from all Bits-Pays team.

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