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19/Jan/2019 Miner V2 Has Been Integrated done_all

Hope all of you enjoy Bits-Pays as we do. Yesterday we have implemented newest addition. Miner has been updated to newest version. It is more modern and much more improved. New user experience design comes first: we hope it will help you navigate easier and understand related things faster and easier.
We made some adjustments to miner module. When we first released our program we had no idea how we should do calculations and so most of them where hard coded with minor predictions, we just needed much more data in order to set details. As it is new thing not seen by us on the net, we could not predict all involved facts. Now that we are more then 3 weeks old program, we finally have enough data to do proper calculations and set miner as it should be.
Two sides of our changes and adjustments.
Bad and Good facts.
BAD --
Many of you noticed that it is harder now to progress throw miner levels...
While before - calculations where made by hard coded code - it was easier to reach lower miner levels, but as very few members has spotted, once crossed miner level 15 it suddenly become extremely hard to progress actually. That was our made calculations and after levels 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and so on and on, the requirements to progress where increased by a lot.
Now all calculations are done by script by taking your level as a variable and multiplying it to preset requirements. Now even if it is harder to reach lower levels, it is done by increase of your level and it is steady increasing, not like before where lower levels are easy to reach and after curtain level it suddenly become extremely hard.
Another good change is that from now you will be able to mine Satoshis already after reaching miner level 10. It is much much faster compared to before ( 20 ). Calculations made related to Satoshis mining are made by script and not by our presets. With every new miner level you will mine more and more Satoshis, each member can see few future levels mining speed in the miner panel, just scroll down the page. So now even if it is harder to reach high level, you already mining satoshis while increasing your miner level.
If you think: when before you needed to reach miner level 20 to just START mining satoshis, then now if you compare by the time when you reach miner level 20 you already be mined MILLIONS of satoshis. Now you will be much more motivated to reach higher level as it is only level 10 is needed to actually start earning something real to your pocket!
There are additional boosts to help you mine even more credits and satoshis. At the moment those boosts are only available with buying premium membership, but soon miner shop will be introduced and you will be able to buy boosts there. But if you like to start mining more and faster already, consider buying our premium membership now.
Now you can help you miner to mine more credits by using your own device to mine credits. Visit Miner Settings page, set mining details and visit Miner Boost page, by using your own device mining power, you will add credits to your miner. On lower levels this can be extremely beneficial and with average PC you can add couple millions credits to miner balance, this will speed up your miners level progress a lot.
Premium membership price will be eventually increased, because Premium members will receive more and more benefits!
Going throw miner levels is harder, but by using boosts and help you can still progress very fast and from just level 10 you will start mining satoshis!
We personally think this is a big improvement and it will bring much more to users then before.

Many of you asking about dividends: as announced before, first dividends will be distributed at the end of this month. We will make an announcement about that.

Thank you all for staying with us.
Best regards from all Bits-Pays Team.

06/Jan/2019 Updates and new promotion - 1,000 Referral Challenge! done_all

Hi all.
Latest updates about Bits-Pays and new promotion - 1,000 Referral Challenge!
Several future development plans and some system updates:
-Miner Game-
We noticed there are a lot members does not fully understand how to play Miner game and struggling with it to make their miner work on full. We have written a small tutorial at the bottom of miner page, please do read it to fully understand it. If there anything you think should be added to that tutorial please let us know, we will update it. Please note:
Looking for new map can be done unlimited times. Solve captcha, press find map, once map is generated check that map stats, if efficiency does not satisfy you, solve captcha again and find new map, keep looking for new map until you will be satisfied with its stats, once you are, press save this map.
-Daily Bonus-
This is our gift to you, you can collect it one time per day, but again, same as with miner map, you can generate random bonus as many times as you want if you feel randomly generated bonus does not meat your requirements, generate new bonus by solving captcha again and generating new random bonus. Do this until you think bonus is good enough this time, and only then collect it.
In future Daily bonus will start generating all sorts of prizes, not only satoshi, like miner boosts and so on, but there will be separate announcement when it will be live.
-Company Shares and Dividends-
We see great interest in our company shares. And there are a lot of questions unanswered, we will try clarify few of them now.
There are 1,000,000 company shares created, 500,000 are spread to Bits-Pays team staff members and the rest 500,000 are on sale for every member. We are not taking anything away from funds invested by our members, instead we decided to take only what we earn our self from dividends distributions. We put a lot of time in to developing and building Bits-Pays that's why we feel having healthy stake of company shares is best reward for us and this way everything is fair and we earn only if program earns. From every purchase on site, or from members deposits, some fee is collected and added to shares dividends funds, once enough funds are collected, share dividends will be distributed. Initially we planned to distribute dividends only when all shares are sold, but we decided to put a guarantee for the first 3 month to distribute share dividends a minimum of one time per month at the end of each month. So first dividends we decided to distribute at the end of January, We have already added bunch of funds from our pockets to distribution pool to guarantee there will be healthy distribution at the end of this month.
We think that first 3 month will be enough time to build Bits-Pays registered members base and once there are good amount of active members, fees will be collected very fast and so dividends should be distributed even more often then once per month, we will decide this later when we will have more data collected.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Developments of future -
- Future Miner development -
Soon it will be possible to buy your main miner levels with your purchase balance. If you don't want to spend time completing captchas all day and wait for your miner to grow, soon you will be able to purchase miner levels with your purchase balance. But please try it for free first. Understand fully how this works, what are daily tasks in order to make your miner work and how to get the best of it.
- Company Shares development -
We had received some complains about share market low activity, so further implementations will take place: Soon shares price when buying from system will depend on amount of shares left in system and will rise when there will be less and less shares available in system, and drop if members will sell shares back to system. At the start there was 500,000 shares available for sale from system, soon there will be a 10 satoshi increase in price with every 50,000 shares sold at system. For example: now buying from system one share price is 100 satoshi, once there will be 50,000 sold at system and total number left is less then 450,000 shares price will be automatically increased to 110 per one share, when there will be for example 190,000 shares left in system, shares price will rise to 160 satoshis per share when buying from system. However if someone will sell back to system the price will drop again. In details if there is left in system less then 450k shares buy price is 110, if less then 400k shares buy price is 120, if less then 350k shares buy price is 130 and so on. Highest system buy price can go up to 190 satoshi per one share. This is only for buying shares from system. Shares Market prices will depend on members bids and will rise or fall depending on members them self. This feature will be implemented very soon without any additional announcement.
- Other developments -
-We are looking in to offer walls and will be implementing some of those soon so you guys could increase your earnings even more.
-We are working on a one more interesting game for our members, but there are still a lot of to do so this new game will take longer time to build.

-We are doing a lot of work in the system and improving admin panel interface along with fixing of small bugs across all platform.

-- Lastly: Our launch promotion is over and so 1000 satoshi register bonus is not active any more along with premium discount. Thank you all who used this promotion to boost your income from Bits-Pays.
- We are launching new promotion: 1,000 Referral Challenge!
Promote your referral link and invite new members to Bits-Pays everywhere you can and win Premium membership for one year and 5 additional levels for your miner.
If you are already registered, on the right side on this BLOG page you will see two tables with your Challenge stats.
Rules are simple, invite new members and once you hit number of 700 new referrals referred, You will be awarded with Premium membership for a full year from us. But wait, don't stop! Referrer another 300 direct referrals a 1,000 in total, and get a special gift from us. We will add 5 additional levels to your miner no mater what level your miner is at the moment. If valued this is more valuable then Premium, because the higher level your miner is, the harder it will become to reach further levels, so additional 5 levels to your miner can be extremely valuable!
If you decide to participate in this challenge, please be fast. We will distribute only 10 Premium memberships and only 10 packs of miner level.
Please note that even if all 10 Premium memberships will be already won but there will be still miner level packs left, you can refer 1,000 members in total and receive miner level pack.
---- Very Important: We will not allow registrations from PTSU during this challenge. Reason is that this way a bunch of registrations are not real and they are usually performed by cheaters just to collect your PTSU offer. Basically do not pay no one for registration and you'll be safe.
This competition starts now and will last until all prizes are won or until Last minute of January, which ever comes first!
We have already upgraded our servers so you can promote us without any fear of bringing too much traffic, we can handle this :)

We would like to thank you all for being with us. Lets make 2019 greatest for all of us.
We are very new program still, but we are grateful to everyone for showing your great interest in to Bits-Pays.

Best regards from all Bits-Pays Team.

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