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15/Mar/2019 Rented Referrals Beta V2 Update done_all

Hi all. Hope you are doing great.
We have a big update for rented referrals system --
We monitor this module closely and we have few rented referrals our self. We have noticed some flows in system, basically we did not anticipated that there will be some members that don't care about others and apply for a hired referral job but don't bother to click any ads or in any way contribute to a member who has hired them, they or just dont know what the hell is that, or just after their 30% reward. This update will change that. Few major improvements has been made, please read the following.
Lets start from start as a lot has changed to rented referrals module and if you are participating in it in any way, it is Very Important for you to read following.
-- First of all applying for a rented referral job is changed. That is: Stats will be collected from the last 7 days of your earnings from ads and deposits, related to that amount price will be set automatically to 80% for Premium members and 30% for Standard, you are not able any more to adjust your own price, it is set automatically by script. You just need to confirm that you want to be listed in the rented referrals market. In the rented referrals market, only members who updated their application in last 7 days, will be listed, so if you want to be listed, please update your application minimum one time per 7 days to be active in a listings. Once you update your listing, you are instantly added to market, no need to wait for next week now. Application will be automatically disabled if you did not updated it in the last 7 days. That's making sure that only fresh applications are listed in market. Update your application now if you have not did that in last 7 days.
From now, in order to receive your 30% reward, you will need to earn a minimum 80% back to your employer of the price paid for you, if you earn less then that by the time rental period expires, sorry but you will not receive 30% reward. Plus, you will get rankings based on how much you will earn for your employer. Earning less then 10% will assign 1 rank point, earning less then 50% 2 rank points, earning less then 80% 3 rank points, more then 80% and less then 120% 4 rank points, more then 120% 5 rank points. Naturally if your avg rank will be 3 or less, there is almost zero chances to be rented and earn a lot more then you would usually.

-- Insurance trigger on rented referrals has been introduced! If you plan or would like to rent referrals, that's one of the best news for you! Please read following: We have implemented a funds loss insurance trigger. If your rented referral will not earn you a minimum of 80% of your paid price for him you will be refunded back 20% of paid price, if referral earn less then 50% then 40% of paid price goes back and if you earn less then 10% from that referral an 80% refund will be credited to your account. Please note that what you earn from him during rental period is already yours and refunds will be as an additional funds to you. Insurance funds will be credited to your purchase balance after rented referral expires. This way you can be assured that you will not loose much if any of your referrals decides to have a break and stop working. But in most cases you would probably win more then paid, this is just done to make sure everyone is paid fair.
Before was announced that employers will be able to give rankings, we have changed this to automatic mode, system will evaluate how much a rented referral earned to employer and give ranking based on that.
This and more information can be found in our featured asked questions page, all information related to rented referrals has been added there.

-- Other updates --
As some of you already noticed, payment proof page and login ads has been added. Payment proof page display last 200 completed cashouts. You can find latest processed payment link in footer or on home page.
Login ads are viewed each time member is logging it to their account and can be viewed unlimited times, ads are open in a new window without any frames so advertisers can advertise all sort of programs there as long as they fallow moral standards. And it is one of the cheapest way of advertise for a great results.

We would like to mention that Flash Ads advertising prices will increase a little soon, we are already providing one of the cheapest advertising with such great results it was clear we think that eventually price has to increase. We plan to increase price at about 10% to 20%, but this is not in action yet so you still can purchase flash ads at the ordinary price, but we just want to note that soon price will increase.
More advertising and earning methods are coming, we already are working on few more features, hopefully soon will integrate them, along with few miner updates.

More security features will be soon implemented, so if you are trying to cheat our system we suggest to stop in a shortest time possible as you might run in some issues in future, just a friendly advise...

Again, we are working on a full speed now so you should expect a lot to be added to our program.

Best regards to all our members and visitors. Hope best of success for all of you.
Bits-Pays Team.

07/Mar/2019 New Miner Update. ENERGY Introduced. done_all

Hi all, just a short update related to our miner game.
like we mentioned before, coinhive stoping their services on 8th of March and as we where using their captcha and miner, we had to change their script to something else.
Changing captcha did not go very smooth, we noticed many members did not liked a lot google recaptcha option. Thats why we have made some changes to our miner module. We have introduced "Miner Energy", many members are familiar with this as many games use that as a base parameter for game progress. Simply, energy is reproducing automatically with time and when user performs action on a game he/she uses that energy.
Some of that is in our game from now...
Still to get new map and collect pending miner balances, we still use captchas. But from now adding food or points to your tools are costing you energy. Energy is recovering automatically with time - 1 energy point in 1 hour. Energy can be gained automatically or manually in M Energy page under Miner section at the left members menu.

In order to upgrade tools fast, member will have to generate more energy manually, but if you just want to add food to your miner, you will have enough energy as it will recover faster then you can use it. But if you will need upgrade tools, please use manual options.
We would like to point that if you have more then 10 energy points, every manual pending balances collection will give you more. Basically each energy point after basic 10 is equal to 1%, for example 11 points means you will get 1% more from your collection. At the moment 11 Energy points is a maximum a member can have.
Energy is just one more ground element to implement even more unique features, we can not say what that it exactly at the moment, but we have great ideas. Like inventing more things with would help straighten your miner even more. Something like using your energy to discover new addons and then working to combine them, basically energy can be used to do so many things that we really don't even dare to predict what exciting updates we will implement in future...

One more, very important! --
We will be changing Boost module code and third party provider, that means that you need to convert your CPU mined credits to pending miner balances, just click button on a Boost page to collect them, as we don't keep those stats in our database and so when we will change to different services provider, your CPU mining starts from zero.
We will do changes there tomorrow March 8th, we dont know what time coinhive will not work so there could be some errors in morning, once we change code, everything will be working again.
One note about that, we have already implemented new scripts on our test server, but it seems one part of our new partner does not work properly. Setting throttle does not do nothing, it is always on max, we are working with the provider, but for the start it will not work, but you will still be able to control load by setting different number of threads to use.
Again, if you are mining with your own CPU by using Boost option or as otherwise known Miner Helper, please don't leave too much credits hanging in coinhive and keep on collecting them. Once we will change our code, you will again be able to help your miner as usual.

This coinhive thing had slowed us down for almost two weeks and we worked only on changes but not new features. Now once it is done with it, we will come back on working for improvements and new features. We have some small mini games in mind that we should finish soon. We are working on ads without any frames too, as we see that becomes very popular lately and it should give advertisers more options. System to show from where your referrals come from is already in place and almost finished, referrals tracking module is in progress too. Basically a lot of things are happening here in office. You should see new things soon.
Keep your good work, keep on promoting and most important, keep on liking bits-pays program. We really enjoy working on it.

P.S. Some members asked where they could post payment proofs: Just anywhere basically, if you think posting proof on some program would help us in any way, please do post it then, any forum, monitoring program or where ever. The more visitors will see payment proofs, the bigger chance is he will register to our program. Thank you in advance for this.

Great Luck and Success to all of you.
Bits-Pays staff.

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