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Here at Bits-Pays we make your online portfolio go further. With us is easy to boost your Bitcoin Wallet reserves. With us, every users will find their favorite earn method.

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InFrame Ads 120%

If you are an advertiser, you will find our program extremely useful for you. With us not only you will receive best results for great price, but in addition you can earn your money back Plus More!

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Your favorite promotion options is banner advertisements? Thats great! Advertise with us and receive up to 150% cash back because you have chosen our program. Cheapest banner ads you can find...

Co. Shares Dividends

Want passive income...? With us everything possible! Buy our program shares and receive dividends for life. Once you had enough or need money fast. Sell them back to us instantly.

View Ads Up To 100

Viewing ads daily. A free and little time consuming, easiest job ever. Plenty advertisers are promoting their ads. Collect free satoshis of up to 100 per ad, Daily!

Daily Bonus Collect Daily

By you, visiting us daily, performing all kind of free activities on site, you make us proud you chosen our program. For that, we give you daily bonus for free. Join and Collect it.

Miner Game Earn Satoshis

Fun, Free, Profitable miner game is proving to be one of the most popular modules. It is fun to play and it not cost you a thing. Progress thow levels and receive big, free, money rewards!


Progressive Referral Commissions!
Referring new members to Bits-Pays is more profitable... We do pay a standard referral commission rates, but this not ends there. With every new member directed to us who becomes your referral, we increase your commission scale to the sky. For every 10 active members you refer, your referral ads commissions increases by additional 1%. There are no limits, so no mater you have 100, or 1,000, or even 100,000 active referrals, we will not stop you getting benefits, refer as many partners as you can and increase your commissions to staggering numbers!
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ABOUT Bits-Pays

Bits-Pays was created for all those who are looking for something new and something they can rely on. We, the bits-pays management have been working online for more then 10 past years now and we have seen a lot interesting and promising program out there, but they just could not give complete list of desired features that member is looking for. We have collected a lot of ideas during all these years and after improving them to what we thing should work best, we have implemented them to this combined project. Here with us, we believe everyone will find their favorite earnings method. Most important fact, we made all of them profitable and what could be better then do what you love and make good income in the same time. We really believe that that you will find our program useful and we hope, Bits-Pays will become your main interest.

Features We Offer

120% Return from InFrame Adscheck
150% Return from Banner Adscheck
View Up To 100 Satoshi Adscheck
Co. Shares Dividends For Lifecheck
Play Free Miner Game For Satoshischeck
Share Market Trade For Profitcheck
Daily Bonus With Cash Prizescheck
Progressive Referral Commissionscheck

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